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A huge thank you to the good people of Omar Khayyam Restaurant in Grosvenor Street for their sponsorship of the Kids’ and Tots’ Schools and the new strips. As a club, we’re fortunate to enjoy the support of many generous sponsors, supporters and volunteers. Hutchie Vale is a real community institution working hard to provide opportunities for local boys and girls to enjoy football. Thank you again to Omar Khayyam – why not give them a phone (0131 225 2481) and book yourself a great meal.

Our kid’s school is an opportunity for boys born in 2008 & 2009 to enjoy playing in some fun small sided games which allows them to develop their individual skills. The boys are coached positively which provides them with the best possible environment to improve their game and their confidence which in turn helps them to enjoy the game and to stay involved in the game as a whole.

Monday Kids School (born 2008 & 2009)

Our kid’s school is held every Monday evening at Our Clubrooms at Fords, Edinburgh. It runs from 6pm-7.30pm. Cost per session is £3. Please be there to register by 5.45pm and the boys should always bring the required protective equipment which consists of shin pads, football boots and a full bottle of water or juice. Any outstanding membership forms can be handed over to our coaches at registration.

Contacts as follows:

Tam Smith: 07793 315 997 (Kids school leader)
Stephen Dolan: 07477 644 773 (2009 Age Group Leader)